Meet Our Team

Zoltan Kormendi

Business Development

Rita Molnar

Talent Management

Krisztian Peredi

IT Expert

Istvan Zsarko

Lean Consultant

About Us

Leora Concept Ltd is a consultancy and training company that improves the individual and organisational performance directly. We are operating in the field of organisation and productivity development, management consultancy, strategy, organisation values and culture support, and complex HR and Talent Management consultancy. We are acting as an innovative role model with special methods and comprehensive knowledge-base, using the utmost technologies on the market. Our mission is to provide high quality management consultancy and human resource development services to small, medium and corporate businesses. We provide our clients with complete support in our expert fields, including analyzing; diagnostic interviewing; testing; surveying; making strategies, designing and delivering development and training programmes; planning and implementing systems, programmes; following up on implemented tools or new organizational behaviours to maintain results. We'll work closely with you to manage every aspect of your needs.

Our Skills

Performance management
Visualisation of work efficiency
Operation analysis
Flexible training solutions
Hiring the fittest to position profile
Talent Management
Integration Management