Global Talent Management

Our mission is to assist in complex, high quality Talent Management and HR consultancy matters to the long- term thinking, success-oriented characters in the market. Colleagues mean the base of the successful organisation, retaining best talents is a competitive advantage. With our support attracting and recruiting talents become more professional and successful, and the process and systems of developing and retaining core talents are tailored on business strategy.

Leora provides talent management system efficiency diagnosis in order to gain an increased understanding of the talent requirements and business needs. We use evidence-based tools to find the best fit (organizational fit, social environment fit and job-fit) to ensure the highest chance of successful integration and performance acceleration. We develop a tailored integration guide to support smooth initial knowledge and skills acquisition, and organisational culture assimilation.

Our talent development solutions blend industry best practices efficiently with the individual needs identified and organisational resources available. During our projects we collaborate and empower all personnel who need to take responsibility in talent development.

In order to accelerate performance and development of leaders in alignment with business strategy, we help with individual development and succession planning, coaching, mentoring, and defining tailored learning strategies. Retaining talents need multi-level engagement therefore Leora offers wall-to-wall analysis on individual engagement opportunities.

During our talent management support, we apply the most innovative methods such as predictive and prescriptive analytics (Primer Motivation Analysis®) to empower business leaders with the awareness of "what will happen and how we can make it happen".