Organisational Development

Organizational development is about organisational change. No matter whether the change is an evolutionary or a revolutionary one, or it is about people, structure, informational systems, processes, production systems, practices and procedures, or culture, we are there to help you with successful change implementation.

Leora has experience with macro organizational interventions such as complete organization-strategic analysis, the planned versus actual presence of the vision and mission and their understanding at all organization levels, strategic job role and responsibilities designing, reengineering and reorganizing of the work processes and management systems. In addition, you can count on us when you plan major interventions at any of your organization units, or intend to improve your capacity planning or strategic positioning, or you would like to implement a continuous improvement programme. Moreover, we are ready to support both your intergroup and staff-level interventions: team dynamics improvement, restructuring or forming work teams, reorganizing group work processes, and development of talents.

We don't sell services and products to you...We offer solutions.

You have a challenge within your organisation...Either with the results or with your people or both. Let us find the roots of the problem and the method to eliminate it. Or take a proactive approach and count on us to help you with finding any improvement opportunities within your company. We'll identify gaps, variances and hidden opportunities for your company to increase performance. Or think of your most important asset: your colleagues. Motivate them by giving them the chance to learn and master themselves in various skills!

Not only trainers but team leaders and managers are required to develop and train other colleagues. In fact many employees have a responsibility for training others about work processes, company policies, induction, health and safety issues. Have they been trained for this? With our help on TRAINING the TRAINER you can ensure professionalism and efficient ways of acquiring a new skill or knowledge at your company!

Our diagnostic interviews, analysis and surveys are available to help you to find the fittest solution to your actual challenges.

Our goal is to empower your people with increased change awareness and skills to manage (organizational changes successfully).