Expert Knowledge Transfer

Attracting, recruiting, integrating, developing and retaining talents are the top priorities of businesses who think long term and want to gain competitive advantage in the dynamically changing environment.

Are you in the lack of talent management expertise at any of the fields mentioned above? Or do you have clients who are challenged by talent management issues? Having difficulties with identifying the best potentials, or with how the best talents can be developed and motivated? Or does high turnover make you think about adopting tailored talent retain strategies?

Collaborate with us! We are ready to transfer our tangible, and intellectual expertise and skills in talent management based on predictive and prescriptive analytics (Big Data) to enhance your economic growth.

Take out the most advantages of decades of research in human potential identification and development:

  • either we make one of our Talent Management Experts available to you as a Temporary Placement to exchange knowledge on a shorter term base

  • or get involved in Full Knowledge Transfer by on-the-job training. In this case, Expert Talent Management Knowledge is transferred through training events, supervised learning in customized modules such as Recruiting, Organizational Integration, Motivation & Performance, Talent Development. We have decades of experiences in various industries in talent management consultancy so the provision of domain-specific expert advice and training to your colleagues can be a very effective way of getting access to best industrial practice and trends in Talent Management. In addition, we provide your organization with key account licenses to use Primer Motivation Analysis Profiling System that is based on specific research outputs of predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Licensing access to Primer Motivation Analysis® to help organizations to meet the emerging talent management challenges efficiently is a key area of activity of Leora Concept Ltd.

Let us share our expert knowledge with you!