I am extremely reluctant to taste it. Tiny apple solids floating in the juice turn color when exposed to air, giving cider that gorgeous caramel color and opaque look." Leave the juice in the bowl to cool to room temperature and then taste it. This looks like a great idea, I'll be starting a batch this evening. So, first time going well. When crushed in a mill, the juice runs clear. Answer: If over-exposed to the air during and after fermentation it might turn into vinegar, if infected with airborne acetobacter bacteria. Pour 12 cups of apple juice into a large pot. And its so expensive because it takes like 20 # of apples to make 1 gallon. Pressing apples into cider has become an Autumn tradition for our family. The softer dessert and cooking varieties tend to crush to a sloppy pulp with cloudy juice which is no good for cider. They are all fascinating. As an added benefit, your house will smell awesome. Making hard cider at home using a method anyone can do. Great site & love your content & simple, happy approached. want carbonated 1\2 ts sugar per 500ml an cap. Instructions, point 4, says: Replace the cap. How to Can the Apple Cider. Cider is easier to make at home than either wine or beer and makes a very pleasant alternative, especially on a warm summer evening. If oxygen is introduced, the alcohol will become vinegar. At some point through the years, the words “apple cider” evolved to mean something different here in the United States as opposed to the rest of the world. Nice and dry after 5 days, fresh and naturally fizzy. Or could I add a couple of raisins to the apple juice? Wine yeast is always a slower starter than baking yeast but it more than holds its own in the main fermentation stage. Made my first batch of cider from your recipe and it worked really well. Wash out your 5 litre water bottle with cool boiled water. Again cap loosely and leave it to ferment for four or five days. After a week the cider didn’t seem to have fermented, and the patches of yeast have gone completely moldy. I used the same process, just with champagne yeast, and it works great! Under the right conditions, the yeast found in fruit juices will turn the natural sugars into alcohol. Dave McClure (author) from Kyle, Scotland on August 31, 2016: Tobias - yes. This is a yeast orgy. Dave McClure (author) from Kyle, Scotland on September 19, 2015: If you add sugar before it is completely stable, it will start fermenting slowly again and probably not fall clear. Hi Paraglider, thanks for the recipe! Baking yeast does work for cider and is universal. Choose Ingredients. Cider is raw apple juice made from pressed apples that hasn't been filtered to remove pulp or sediment. ahh brown suger light to dark ,depends on your taste . Always keep the flagon in the fridge until serving. It adds to the flavour and if you get it right it can look like Magners, slightly rose coloured. Ty. Answer: The sediment is only yeast and is nothing to worry about. Dave McClure (author) from Kyle, Scotland on October 03, 2017: You don't need to pasteurise fresh juice but do make sure that you sterilise all the equipment you use (presses, juicers, filters, etc) and the fermenting jar. Question: I followed the recipe to the letter. Which was it? Question: I bought an apple and lemon mix juice and added 200 mg of sugar and yeast. Now you're talking apple juice. Today, typical Swiss cider consists of fermented apple juice mixed with 30% fresh juice which is added for sweetness. Question: I made my first batch of the cider and it worked great! Avoid direct sunlight . 2. Dave McClure (author) from Kyle, Scotland on January 08, 2018: You will probably get away with it but it was an unnecessary risk! To make an alcoholic cider, yeast is added which converts the sugar into alcohol. I put them in the fridge and have noticed there is still a bit of sediment on the bottom of the bottles. Replace the cap. Hope you enjoy the cider! " Philip from South Africa on April 13, 2020: We have a 5 week lock down here in South Africa and no access to alcohol so I am trying your Apple juice and Yeast cider recipe. Dave McClure (author) from Kyle, Scotland on November 09, 2015: I prefer to start the yeast in pure juice. Question: Can this cider recipe also be used for store-bought apple and blackcurrant juice? You will have lost some in frothing over but nothing should be spoiled. I would like to brew about 25 liters using a home brew fermenting bin and store in a pressure keg, is there any difference in procedure. Any explanation for this? Cloudy juices are likely to result in cloudy cider which is OK, but not to everyone's taste. Do I let some gas escape my cider bottle by loosening the lid a little?